PhotoFilmStrip Freeware - Create Slideshow Video From Static Images

Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)
Is it possible to create a video from static images? Yes it is. You'll only need a free tool called PhotoFilmStrip. It is an open source software / freeware licensed under GNU GPL and listed at sourceforge. By using the software you’ll be able to create slideshow of your photos and convert it to playable movie file. Moreover, you can also make some customizations such as add effects, music, subtitles, change rotation, crop frame size, motion path and etc.

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This application is very useful and fun especially for those who want to enjoy dynamic photo slideshow in one movie file instead of having tons of pictures in their folder and show them manually one by one. Furthermore it will be easier if they want to share the video with friends or publish it on website or embed the video into powerpoint slides.

PhotoFilmStrip is the easiest solution if you want to create movies from pictures. You can make a slideshow of your image files, for instance: your wedding photos, vacation photos and so forth; compile and convert them into one video file with easy 3 steps. Next, you can play the movie using Cyberlink PowerDVD media player or other audio video player.

How to use PhotoFilmStrip? First, go to tools – import and then load your photos into application. In the main interface you can customize the look and feel of your photos / slideshow / motion path, for example: add effects, subtitles, change rotation, select partial portion of images (crop the frame size), set the duration and etc. If you have done with the customization you can start rendering the video. There are several video outputs available: VCD, SVCD, DVD up to FULL-HD, in render option you can also add audio / music files, transition speed and total video length. Finally, click Start button to create a video from images.

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