3D Home Design Software Download (Freeware)

Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)
I’ve been looking for free 3D home design software, so far I just found one freeware that I think is good enough, that is Envisioneer Express 3D Home Design and Project Viewer software by Cadsoft. If you have a plan to build a house and you want to design it by yourself then you'll need this program. It is simpler than any programs specialized for designing buildings in 3D perspective like autocad, archicad, DoubleCAD and etc. You don’t have to be an expert / architect to mastering this program, Envisioneer Express 3D Home Design software is a quick and easy modeling tool that helps users create home plans smoothly and efficiently with 3D projection view and navigation.

The 3D home design software includes basic designs, with this program you can easily create models such as exterior / interior walls, doors, windows, openings, roof and more. It also has viewing features which let users viewing the model in 2D / 3D view, walking around, flying around, resetting the camera view and changing the display mode.

Most features are automated and easy to use, you can create each room in details, plan, decorate, visualize and make your DIY home projects quickly and accurately. If you are confused with 3D home design software features / don’t know how to use it, Cadsoft provides Quick Start Guide tutorials for metric and imperial version available on its official website.

The application can be used on Microsoft Windows operating systems. How to get it? The free version of Envisioneer Express 3D Home Design software is version 5. Just click the download link, fill the form and submit. They will immediately send the free 3D Home Design software download link to your email.

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PhotoFilmStrip Freeware - Create Slideshow Video From Static Images

Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)
Is it possible to create a video from static images? Yes it is. You'll only need a free tool called PhotoFilmStrip. It is an open source software / freeware licensed under GNU GPL and listed at sourceforge. By using the software you’ll be able to create slideshow of your photos and convert it to playable movie file. Moreover, you can also make some customizations such as add effects, music, subtitles, change rotation, crop frame size, motion path and etc.

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Image source: sourceforge.net/projects/photostoryx/

This application is very useful and fun especially for those who want to enjoy dynamic photo slideshow in one movie file instead of having tons of pictures in their folder and show them manually one by one. Furthermore it will be easier if they want to share the video with friends or publish it on website or embed the video into powerpoint slides.

PhotoFilmStrip is the easiest solution if you want to create movies from pictures. You can make a slideshow of your image files, for instance: your wedding photos, vacation photos and so forth; compile and convert them into one video file with easy 3 steps. Next, you can play the movie using Cyberlink PowerDVD media player or other audio video player.

How to use PhotoFilmStrip? First, go to tools – import and then load your photos into application. In the main interface you can customize the look and feel of your photos / slideshow / motion path, for example: add effects, subtitles, change rotation, select partial portion of images (crop the frame size), set the duration and etc. If you have done with the customization you can start rendering the video. There are several video outputs available: VCD, SVCD, DVD up to FULL-HD, in render option you can also add audio / music files, transition speed and total video length. Finally, click Start button to create a video from images.

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Money Manager Ex - Personal Finance Manager Freeware

Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)
If you care about your money and want to manage your personal finance better then you’ll love this program. It's called Money Manager Ex, an easy-to-use portable personal finance open source software which allows you to track your income and expenses, transactions, assets, manage your investments, budgeting and more. You can also create reports of your financial profile easily or generate graph / chart / preview of your financial worth. Money Manager Ex is totally a freeware. It's free to download and use, also portable and supports cross-platform. You can store the program in your USB drive and use it on any computer. It can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Money Manager Ex has a comfortable interface for managing personal finance or accounting, easy to use and visually pleasing, with the support of illustrative graphics. It enable users to maintain and keep track the assets, money, savings, checking, credit card, stock investment accounts and etc. It also comes with reminders for recurring bills and deposits, and generates cash flow forecasting. The financial reports can be generated with one click.

To sum up, it is a very helpful program for managing your personal finance. It is also easy to use and has complete features. For interested users, you can download Money Manager Ex for free. This is a totally freeware personal financial manager or accounting software desktop / browser version for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

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Recuva Free Download - File Recovery Freeware

Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)
Recuva is a popular freeware to recover deleted files and surely it is one of the top free data recovery software. The award-winning Recuva created and published by Piriform which is also the creator of Speccy. The program is very helpful in any case you accidentally deleted important data or maybe you lost your files because of malware attack. By using this application you will be able to restore the deleted files only with few clicks! It can recover deleted files from your computer hard drive even if you have emptied the recycle bin, it also works for USB drive, memory card, iPod and several other storage media.

This free data recovery software has a neat interface and comes with quick-start wizard so it is very easy to use. Recuva allows you to recover deleted files in any format including documents, pictures, music, video or any other format. Recuva is also very reliable because it supports various types of storage media including hard drive, digital audio player (iPod or MP3 player), digital camera card / micro SD Card, USB flash drive or stick / pen drive and so forth.

Furthermore it is able to perform fast search with deep scan technology, quickly and accurately find and restore your deleted files. In addition, recuva can also restore unsaved Microsoft word documents with its ability to rebuild the word docs from temporary files. There is also an option which allows you to securely delete files you want to remove forever, which means the files will not be able to be recovered again no matter what. So if you want to permanently erase any traces of your deleted files you can use this option.

This software is probably one of the best and free solutions for those who want to recover lost files. It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows OS variants. Interested users can get the direct download Recuva latest version via Piriform.

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Macware MacTuneUp 7.0 Discount Codes and Coupons

Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)

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MacTuneUp 7.0 allows your Mac pc operate superior compared to new by simply clearing up gigabytes of capacity. Through sweeping caches to eliminating unnecessary downloads in an effort to get your existing apps more compact, functioning MacTuneUp could gain approximately 8 GBs of room on the Mac of yours. Which is worthy area readily available for some other necessary things such as stocking pictures, films, as well as your preferred apps.

As time goes by, each Mac becomes messy and burdened by chaos. MacTuneUp 7.0 allows you to slash that clutter as well as eliminate the stuff at the same time preserving the essential data to ensure the Mac of yours will operate as efficiently as possible. Once your Mac is fresh, it's not going to buffer big files in the first place plus it does not make you to wait while programs are opening. You will be stunned how all the things from daily programs to internet surfing goes quicker once a simple tune-up!

The application satisfies both newbie as well as experienced users. Fairly simple to operate for normal users. As for the expert Mac user, MacTuneUp provides entry to amazing resources that will unclutter your Mac as regularly as you wish. Using the enhanced options, you can easily opt for what accessories you intend to work offering you best freedom in deciding on the level of tuning up you require to complete. Besides you can specify your selections to maintain your Mac operating like completely new long into the future.

Maintaining your Mac may be a bit daunting, however MacTuneUp makes it straightforward! Using detailed instruction plus SafeClean controls, MacTuneUp 7.0 was made to be a dependable and simple to work with tool for unskilled Mac owners together with the versatility to please experts. From the preliminary check to creating planned cleanings, MacTuneUp aids you all the way with thorough explanations and sufficient details to ensure that you will be delighted with what you do.

While you are not employing specific files or applications, you most likely don't even see that they are there. Those can bother you by distressing your Mac and also taking over precious space. MacTuneUp 7.0 turns your Mac to best efficiency by investigating unwanted files, eliminating and reducing size of apps as well as discovering and wiping out duplicates. Carrying out this procedure on your own manually, it might require considerable time to accomplish. The software manages all the stuff for you - providing you time to complete more necessary things.

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