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Note: Valid through December 31, 2015 (unless otherwise expressed)
Screenpresso is a nifty tool that can be used to capture your computer screen - to create a screenshot (picture) or video capture. It is a freeware application and also portable screen capture software, so you can save it into your USB stick / flash drive and use on any PC. Not only it's able to capture the entire screen (like print screen) but also able to generate a snapshoot of partial windows screen or region and capture scrolling windows (for example long web page, Microsoft office documents, PDF and etc). Additionally Screenpresso has a built-in basic image editor so it's possible to edit your pictures immediately. And one more advantage is it lets you send or share your images via e-mail, twitter, Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, Evernote and FTP.

How to use? The downloaded Screenpresso file is an executable application so there is no need to install the screen capture software to your PC. Once you have downloaded the program you can run it by double-clicking the screenpresso.exe, next it will active in the system tray. Take a minute to configure the settings: right-click on Screenpresso icon in system tray, and then click Settings. In this menu you can customize the options such as language preference, output folder, screenshoot image configuration and set / add your accounts for image sharing (eg. your twitter, gmail, facebook and etc). Don’t forget to click OK to save your settings.

To start capturing your monitor screen simply press print-screen button. Alternatively you can also choose screen capture options via Screenpresso icon on system tray (press right click to open contextual menu). Choose whether you want to capture the entire screen, region or capture scrolling part.

Once you have captured your screen you can access picture editor. In the image editor you can add some objects using drawing tools such as textbox, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, blur a region and add numbering. Switch to Image tab within the image editor, from there you can crop an image, resize, canvas and create border effect.

To sum up, Screenpresso is a very good free picture & video screen capture software, rich of features and user-friendly. It has screen video capture and sound recorder options on its menu. Yup, good news for you, the video capture and audio recorder tools and features are now available!

Download Screenpresso, it's free and portable!

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